How to Obtain a Prebuilt Garmin GPS Cable or Etrex Connector

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Description Quantity Product
per item
Data cable
(for high voltage receivers
like the GPS 12XL, GPS II, etc.)
pD32 $22.00

(See Note below)
Power inserter cable
(for use with the above cable,
and compatible with eTrex/eMap/Geko
and high voltage receivers)
P3M6F $25.00
Data cable
(for low voltage receivers
like the GPS 12, GPS 38, and GPS 40)
pD8 $22.00
Data/power cable
bare wires
pDP0 $20.00
eTrex/eMap/Geko combination
data/power cable
eCombo $45.00
eTrex/eMap/Geko connector only
e2Plug $7.00

Shipping Options
You must pick one of the following shipping options. Please note that your shipping options depend both on where you are located and what you are ordering. If you choose a shipping method invalid for your type of order (such as picking a Canadian shipping option when you are not located in Canada), we will use the least expensive option appropriate for your order.
Standard mail within Canada Up to six e2Plugs, rPlugs, or any one of pD32, pDP0, pD8 $2.00
XPressPost to BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba Up to fifteen e2Plugs, rPlugs, or any 3 of pD32, P3M6F, pDP0, eCombo, pD8 $9.50
XPressPost to elsewhere in Canada Up to fifteen e2Plugs, rPlugs, or any 3 of pD32, P3M6F, pDP0, eCombo, pD8 $15.25
Air mail to the US or International Up to two e2Plugs, or rPlugs $12.00
Air mail to the US or International Up to fifteen e2Plugs, rPlugs, or any 3 of pD32, P3M6F, pDP0, eCombo, pD8 $17.00
Note: The power inserter cable passes a regulated 3V supply to an eTrex/eMap/Geko receiver, or an unregulated power supply to high voltage receivers like the GPS 12XL, GPS II, etc., when used with the prebuilt data cables. A prebuilt data cable is therefore required to use the power inserter cable (they plug into each other), and the combination then allows you to transfer data to and from the GPS simultaneously while providing power to the receiver through a lighter adapter plug. Please note that the power inserter cable will only work with the data cables we carry - it will not work with any other data cables, including Garmin's own.

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